empowering the youth of all backgrounds

A positive impact for the members of our youth to alter the courses of today’s world and to teach them to be the leaders of their communities.

For the youth

Aspiring to provide the youth with practical life skills, occupational skills, professionalism and accountability

Goal Achieving

We give the youth a purpose to express themselves through goal settings and achieving.

Financial Literacy

Bridging the gap of wealth starts in the home at an early age.

Leadership Skills

Kids can learn how to lead from an early age. And become an intelligent follower.


Our economy is driven by entrepreneurs. We educate kids on the fundamentals.

Team of Mentors

Guiding the youth in a constructive path, while teaching them the unique skills and traits to breaking the cycle

Lead Mentors

  • Gather resources for the success of their team.
  • Assist with a plan of action. 
  • Meet with community leaders to establish foundation. 

Youth Leaders

  • Create a plan of action individualized to each youth member.
  • Establish goals, assist with accomplishing goal, acknowledge achievement of goal
  • Hold each youth member accountable for the philosophy of BTC.

Educational Planners

  • Teach youth members to achieve goals, reciprocate discipline, follow guidance and make progress assessments. 
  • Describe to youth members the variety of goals: short term goals, 5-year goals, 10-year goals and lifetime goals.

Provided Resources for Counselors

  • Crisis assistance
  • Minority households 
  • Single parent households
  • Youth members who have lost a parent or caregiver. (neglected, death, prison, foster care, adoption)

Dedicated Lifelong Relationships

  • Life partner relationship. (ex: fraternities)
  • A person to share each milestone in life. (support regardless of age)
  • Youth members will join BTC to be leaders of the next generation and continue the philosophy for generations to come. 

We aspire to provide the youth with practical life skills, occupational skills, professionalism and accountability.


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